i'm olive and i'm total trash (AT PORT ELIOT FESTIVAL UNTIL MONDAY BYE)

ICEAGE, A Rifle, Coalition (B-sides) released by Escho, 2013


yooo guys i’m off to a lil festival called port eliot with grace until monday so i’ve got a queue and stuff yeah bye don’t get angry if i don’t answer your anons



Lost in Translation (2003)

Sofia Coppola

Anonymous asked:
how much hate do u get & what about?

mostly saying i’m pretentious, i used to get a lot more though

Anonymous asked:
you're so pretty!! i wish i looked like you, you look amazing.

oh my god so sweet!!!! you really don’t but thank you!!!!!!!

Anonymous asked:
i find like dudes AND i like androgynous girls and rlly like androgynous boys. do u think im bi?? or maybe androgyny confuses my brain to much???? ((((P.S androgyny sounds weird now))))

i do too!!!! you’re maybe pansexual?? i like androgynous people and boys and girls i just don’t care about their gender