i'm olive and i'm total trash

Anonymous asked:
All the girls had long hair... And all the boys has long hair.. And you were missin out

that was a good one tbh well done

Anonymous asked:
Where do you watch french films online? Such as the ones with Lea and Louis (Been wanting to see their films for ages)

i honestly can’t remember, some on netflix, some on putlocker, some on youtube/vimeo, some on weird little sites - you have to search around!!! i’d start with la belle personne because they’re both in that and then work through their back catalogues

Anonymous asked:
and would you like to have long hair again? obviously with a fringe.

NEVER!!!!!! i’m such a short hair person

Anonymous asked:
have you ever had long hair?

from ages 8-11 it was like waist length. literally THE worst look on me so embarrassing. i only used to wash it like once a week and didn’t have a fringe please don’t imagine it




Anonymous asked:
hi hi i was wondering if u had ever heard the super furry animals bc idk i think you'd like them??? ur super cool btw!!!

i’ve never actually listened to sfa but i saw gruff rhys at port eliot last week?? we listened to his talk (which was interesting but oh my god he speaks so hesitantly and slowly & it was hard to engage with) and saw some of his set later. i’m planning on listening to them soon though… thanks!!!!!!