i'm olive and i'm total trash

Kate Moss - Glamour France April 1992

Anonymous asked:
could you recommend some good st vincent songs

digital witness, your lips are red, surgeon, cheerleader, bring me your loves, marrow and huey newton are my favs!!!!


HONESTLY such a great night!!!!!! met SO many lovely people, even got recognised (like 6 or 7 times??? insane - side note i am so sorry to the people who said hi i follow you on tumblr and then i was really awkward and excited but unable to make sense!!! especially to the guy by the stairs where i just said something like oh my god thanks and walked away, i wanted to say something more but i really needed the toilet) anyway the wytches were great, i’m so bruised but so happy!!!!!!! i miss everyone i spoke to, what a crowd. i will post a proper read more about my day tomorrow


i’m at the social with like the whole of london’s psych rock scene but i’m the only under 18 year old…..guestlist meant i didn’t need id classic!!!

Anonymous asked:
where are u seeing the wytches? ♥ xx

rough trade and the social tonight


i think i’m on the train with joe spurgeon and the singer from telegram !!!!!!!!